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Chocolate and coffee at Chocolatier Blue

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Chocolates from Chocolatier Blue

Chocolates from Chocolatier Blue

Chocolatier Blue is a new addition to our chocolate and coffee series. The earlier ones being Recchiuti, Fog City News, TchoXoX, Choco-la, ….

  • Location: Fourth Street, Berkeley
  • Coffee: I forgot to notice – chocolates were too pretty. There is a Peet’s coffee in the vicinity.
  • Chocolates: Chocolate tart and flavored Amedei chocolates – champagne and popcorn, grains of paradise (a west African aromatic and peppery spice), ….

Combine growing up on self-sustaining farms, training at Charlie Trotter’s and a passion for the best ingredients … and then add the sensitivity of an artist (this comes from the better half) – you end up with great tasting chocolates  so pretty that you wish you have a young love and Valentine’s day just around the corner.

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Written by locomotoring

March 14, 2010 at 12:28 am