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Coffee and Chocolate – Chokola, New Delhi

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Chocolate cake at Choko la

Chocolate cake at Choko la

We continue our occasional series about Chocolate and Coffee with a cafe in New Delhi called Chokola.

The place is done up in chocolate-y colors, the menu is the size of a small book with overwrought foodie descriptions of cocoa, single origin chocolates, and truffles, followed by the standard cafe fare of sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

We had just had excellent kakori kebabs at Salim’s Kababs right across from Chokola, so we went straight for the chocolate – a molten center chocolate cake and an espresso. Clichéd no doubt, but an excellent test of whether the cafe can pack enough chocolate goodness in a small package. We are glad to report that the cake was spot on, and the espresso was just so to cut its richness.

Located in Khan market, Chokola is cozy but designed with privacy of customers in mind. From any table, you can see numerous displays of enticing chocolate products. We really wanted to buy one of their single origin (Venezuelan, I think) chocolate bars but that would have melted the moment we stepped off the cool interior into hot and muggy Delhi.

If you are going – there are several decent book shops in Khan market. Also of interest is Good Earth, an interior decoration shop where drooling is permitted by management. And, of course, Delhi’s famous kabab shop – Karim’s.

Here are some more photos from this trip:

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August 10, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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