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Deus Ex Machina

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The decor of this coffee shop in Harajuku is modern, pour is perfect and barista more hipster than most.

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August 7, 2017 at 6:21 am

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Coffee and Chocolate at Four Barrel

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Four Barrel Espresso Station

Four Barrel Espresso Station

Four Barrel on Valencia is a well reviewed coffee mecca in Mission District of San Francisco. The queues are long but is a good opportunity to watch city fashions. The space has a modern warehouse look with a coffee bar at the entrance, the main coffee station in the middle and stock at the back. Seating is somewhat minimal but if you hang out long enough, you are bound to find a table. The coffee bar is akin to a wine bar where you pay to sample their brews. My husband was very excited about the coffee after having sampled 4 varietals! The music is played in an old fashioned way where a real person selects a record out of the collection and plays it on a record player. Unless you want a caffeine kick that makes you want to dance a jitterbug, I recommend picking their brew of the day, grabbing a seat and watching the  extensive and non-hurried ritual the baristas follow.

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Written by Som

July 17, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Coffee and Chocolate – Chokola, New Delhi

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Chocolate cake at Choko la

Chocolate cake at Choko la

We continue our occasional series about Chocolate and Coffee with a cafe in New Delhi called Chokola.

The place is done up in chocolate-y colors, the menu is the size of a small book with overwrought foodie descriptions of cocoa, single origin chocolates, and truffles, followed by the standard cafe fare of sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

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Written by Sachin

August 10, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Coffee and chocolate at Tcho

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Following up on our coffee and chocolate trail (inspired by David Lebovitz), the second one on our list is Tcho.

  • Location: Pier 17, San Francisco
  • Coffee: Blue Bottle
  • Chocolates: Tasting squares and bars

We had known about Tcho long before we sampled it. They had been getting reviewed on boingboing since their beta days (yes, even chocolates have beta versions in silicon valley).

Our first taste of Tcho’s chocolates was on a walk along Embarcadero. On that occasion, we tasted all four of their varieties and picked up a small pack of 8 tasting squares. On our last visit, we picked up a 30 day package called tcho-a-day.
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Written by locomotoring

June 22, 2009 at 9:08 pm

Coffee and chocolate at XoX

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Store front on Columbus Ave

Store front on Columbus Ave

David Lebovitz says that some of the best artisan chocolatiers these days are from America. So, we decided to bring to you as many of them as we can find in San Francisco.

We start with XoX Truffles – a friendly shop for a cup of coffee and some handmade truffles.

  • Location: North Beach, San Francisco
  • Coffee: Espresso
  • Chocolates: Handmade truffles

The store front is unpretentious, the coffee delightfully strong, and the handmade truffles are small nuggets of perfection. These truffles have won so many awards that the list of awards exceeded our attention span.

They give away a free truffle for every cup of coffee you buy. Our plan is to sample all their truffles for free. OK, we lie. We buy them too. This time we bought a few Earl Grey truffles.

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Written by locomotoring

June 19, 2009 at 10:35 pm