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Kakori kababs at Salim’s – roasting at Khan Market

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Salim Kabab at Khan Market

Salim Kabab at Khan Market

Even in blazing summers, a visit to Delhi is incomplete without a taste of its famous kababs. We had already tried satisfying this craving by eating some sheesh-kababs in the cool comfort of the regal Curzon room in Oberoi Maidens Hotel. Their sheesh was competent, but it had failed to hit the spot.

We were planning a visit to Khan Chacha when we happened to read about Salim’s,  yet another tiny kabab corner in Khan market, at “Eating Out in Delhi” blog. It is a rare happenstance to find a foodie proclaim a kabab corner as good as chacha’s, so we were intrigued. On author’s suggestion, we decided to seek out Salim’s kakori kabab and are glad we did.

Sheesh-kabab at Curzon room in Oberoi Maidens

Sheesh-kabab at Curzon room in Oberoi Maidens

Earlier, I had reported being disappointed with Dum Pukht’s overwhelming use of saffron in their kakori kababs. We had no such complaint here. These were perfectly spiced, melt in your mouth “hits the spot” kababs.

Salim’s is located in the middle lane of Khan market. Like Khan chacha’s, this is a tiny stand with no seating arrangement. Food is served on paper plates and plastic spoons are available on request. The kababs are freshly grilled and served with raita and raw onions on the side to help cut down the richness of the kababs. If you are visiting in summer, watch out for all the air conditioners facing the wrong way and blazing out hot air in your face. Only thing cool here (besides the raita) was the proprietor’s bright white garb.

Unlike EOiD author, I am not convinced that Salim is better than Chacha. It was too hot and muggy this trip for us to do a side by side comparison and one needs to try both the boti and kakori kababs in order to declare the definitive winner.

More photos from this trip:

Some vegetarian items as well ...

Some vegetarian items as well ...

Salims kakori kabab

Salim's kakori kabab

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July 28, 2009 at 10:02 pm

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