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Kakori kababs at Salim’s – roasting at Khan Market

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Salim Kabab at Khan Market

Salim Kabab at Khan Market

Even in blazing summers, a visit to Delhi is incomplete without a taste of its famous kababs. We had already tried satisfying this craving by eating some sheesh-kababs in the cool comfort of the regal Curzon room in Oberoi Maidens Hotel. Their sheesh was competent, but it had failed to hit the spot.

We were planning a visit to Khan Chacha when we happened to read about Salim’s,  yet another tiny kabab corner in Khan market, at “Eating Out in Delhi” blog. It is a rare happenstance to find a foodie proclaim a kabab corner as good as chacha’s, so we were intrigued. On author’s suggestion, we decided to seek out Salim’s kakori kabab and are glad we did.

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Written by Som

July 28, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Why did I think that Khan Chacha’s was better than Dum Pukht

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Khan Chacha at Delhis Khan market

Khan Chacha at Delhi's Khan market

Dum Pukht, Maurya Sheraton is one of Delhi’s finest. Khan Chacha’s at Khan Market is a tiny shop where you queue up and eat out of a paper plate. Dinner for one at Dum Pukht is easy $150. And a meal at Khan Chacha’s is $1.50. The only thing common to them is their reputation for exceptional kababs. So, of course, I had to try both.

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