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Coffee and chocolate at Recchiuti

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Rose caramel

Rose caramel

Recchiuti is third in our chocolate and coffee series. The earlier ones being Tcho and XoX.

  • Location: Ferry Plaza
  • Coffee:  Peets’ or Blue Bottle is available a few doors down.
  • Chocolates: Truffles, caramels, …

Recchiuti’s is what you would expect a fancy chocolate store to look like. All trim, polished and glittery and that is just the staff. No chairs for shoppers to sit around and look flabby, unpolished and drab. No coffee either to ruin any nice perfumes the staff or customers may be wearing. Their price helps to not overindulge.

Are we sounding curmudgeonly?

The truffles are very good indeed. The packaging and the store exude high concept design. It is a great place to pick up gifts to atone for some hideous mistake you made recently. So what’s not to like? It just lacks the warmth of XoX (one busy guy behind the counter of a tiny tiny shop) or the oomph of Tcho (Ikea-inspired store, but what great chocolates, and they have the good sense to offer coffee).

I have this memory of rose truffles from a couple of years ago and they were surprisingly good but we didn’t see them this time. They had rose caramel instead and caramels aren’t chocolate, are they?

Here are some photos from the last trip:

Recchiuti at Ferry Plaza

Recchiuti at Ferry Plaza

Elegant store and chocolates

Elegant store and chocolates

Flavors of Recchiuti

Flavors of Recchiuti

If you are going …

Ferry plaza is a great place to hang out everyday, but Saturday Farmer’s market is special. If you are the type who loves long hikes, urban or otherwise, check out our Ferry Plaza to Fort Point hike – the best urban hike San Francisco has to offer.  For a shorter and almost equally spectacular hike, you can head up to Telegraph Hill via some of the fanciest streets (or stairs) of the city.

Written by locomotoring

July 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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