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Pulgas Ridge Preserve, June 2022

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From the top of Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail

Pulgas Ridge Preserve is another beautiful open space in our neighborhood! From the parking lot, we took the Cordilleras Trail to Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail to Hassler Trail to Dick Bishop Trail to Blue Oak Trail returning back to the parking lot, a total of 3.8 miles. Elevation change is no more than 400 ft. Much of the climb up is through the woods and rather pretty. The park is dog friendly, and the dogs were all clearly excited to be there. Monkey flowers were in bloom everywhere. It does get a bit noisy for about a third of a mile when Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail gets close to Hwy 280.

From the parking lot, going towards the Cordilleras trail
Start of Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail
The trail starts to climb up right after the Cordilleras Creek crossing
Another expansive view from the top of the trail
Somewhere on the Dick Bishop Trail, this bendy oak could be a blue oak.
Somewhere on the Blue Oak Trail

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June 5, 2022 at 5:17 am

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