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Edgewood Park, a cloudy day in June 2022

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The quintessential park – grasslands, chaparrals, Bay views

Edgewood is our neighborhood county park, the one whose trails and flora we are trying to learn by heart. It claim to fame are its wildflowers. This hike is not fun on a hot summer day, but this weekend in June, it was cloudy and not crowded, turning the hike into an unexpected summer surprise. This time, we started at the Sunset trailhead where parking is less challenging. From junction sign 21, we took the detour on Clarkia; then at 22, we got back on Sunset; at 13, we took Ridgewood; at 15, Franciscan; at 12, Live Oak; at 17, we walked up the hill to enjoy the view; and then took Ridgewood back to Sunset trail. The entire hike is a little more than 3 miles and no more than 200 ft of climb. Between junction signs 15 and 12 on Franciscan trail, there was a profusion of coyote mint. And monkey flowers were in bloom throughout.

Sunset trail, the deer on the trail was oblivious to the noise from Hwy 280.
The little neat piles of twigs are work of husky-footed woodrat.
At the junction of Sunset and Ridgeview. The grasses were mostly dry with pockets of green. The air smelled of sage.
Madrone with their red trunk make me happy. Somewhere on Live Oak trail.
Somewhere near junction 17. Although cloudy, it was clear and we could see all the way to the east mountains.
View at the summit, the fog was rolling along
View from the bench on the summit of the hill – a lone oak
Ridgeview trail between 17 and 15, monkey flowers were in bloom.
Back on the Sunset trail

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June 13, 2022 at 8:21 pm

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