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El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve, May 2022

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A typical view on this trail

This park is a recommendation from Peninsula Trails by Jean Rushmore, Frances Spangle and Betsy Crowder. The trailhead is about 100 ft north of the Skeggs Point parking lot. It is a wonderful park for summer. The trail we followed was approximately 4.4 miles by the park map and 6.1 miles by wearable devices. It took us through El Corte de Madera Creek trail to Resolution trail to Fir trail to Tafoni trail back. El Corte de Madera Creek is mostly redwoods. Fir trail is mostly Douglas firs and madrones. We hung about the picnic bench near the Resolution Aircraft Memorial and did a quick detour to see the Tafoni sandstone formation. Resolution trail is interestingly rocky, makes you think you are elsewhere, like in Joshua Tree NP and seemingly popular with bikers.

A series of three bridges on El Corte de Madera Creek
From the top of the picnic bench at the Resolution Aircraft Memorial – view of Douglas Firs and Madarones
Sandstone formation on Tafoni trail
Weakening of the duricrust, “cannonball” concretion and “tree trunk” concretion

Tafoni sandstone formation is quite interesting. There is a sample of the sandstone which allows you to feel the fragile sandy rock. For more information about tafoni, here are some nice websites like Jon Boxerman’s site, or Zymoglyphic Museum blog.

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