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Starting 2023 with a hike

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A lovely cluster of manzanitas

The year started with a glorious day, it was clear blue sky between the passage of two atmospheric rivers. We went for a short 2 mile hike with a friend on Skyline Ridge trail near Teague Hill. This section of Skyline appears to have a higher than normal density of manzanitas.

It just takes a few weeks of rains to see beautiful moss everywhere.
I note three different mosses as I look down at my feet on the forest floor.

We saw significant rain on the last day of 2022 and it had resulted in mudslides and flooding throughout Bay Area. Several of our neighborhoods parks including Huddart, Wunderlich, and Edgewood were closed. We went up the twisty Kings Mountain Road, and parked on Hwy 35 near the Swett Road intersection. We noticed a significant traffic on Kings Mountain because of cars being turning away from Huddart. There were only a couple of fallen trees this time. We are expecting more fallen trees with the upcoming atmospheric river due to the already oversaturated soil. We also noted a number of waterfalls, some flowing across roads and trails and the creeks had strong currents.

Curiously, the official map (map link)shows that this trail is going through private property (between Teague Hill and Skyline), but the trailhead is marked under Wunderlich Park (trailhead 54) and connects Wunderlich to Huddart.


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January 3, 2023 at 12:29 am

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