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Episode 3, Listening to the stars

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Episode 3 of our podcast, Archy and I, is now out. It is titled “No two blackholes sound alike“.

Night sky in Joshua Tree National Park, Same time last year, we were in Joshua Tree National Park. Having spent much of our lives in well lit cities and suburbs, any opportunity to watch the stars is precious.

This episode is an ode to the universe and the amazing human species that lives on this “mote of dust” that we call home. Universe is brilliant, whether we live or die. But the fact that we can explore the universe makes us ultra special. This episode has been swirling in our head for nearly a lifetime, but was made possible during the pandemic years.

First we see a blackhole and then we hear one. And it takes hard work of thousands of amazing scientists to see and hear something that we have theorized mathematically for almost a century. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing! In the coming years, we will see and hear a lot more blackholes. No two of them will be alike. I expect that the frequency of their discoveries will be a bit like the discovery timeline of exoplanets – first there was one, and soon there were many and last year, we surpassed seeing 5000. It is a bit like walking. Once you learn how to walk, you don’t stop, do you? And in the case of blackholes, there are 40 quintillion of them, that is 40 billion billion, waiting to be seen and heard.

The extra good thing in this episode is not one but two items, one is the Universe of Sound project for visually impaired and the second is System Sounds, a sci-art outreach project that translates the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound. The common theme between the two is a human, Matt Russo, an astrophysicist and a musician.

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January 4, 2023 at 11:39 am

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