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Water Dog Lake Open Space, Dec 2022

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The Water Dog Lake Open Space sits between San Carlos and Belmont and provides expansive views of San Mateo county.

Our 3 mile neighborhood hike took us to Water Dog Open Space. The park is also known as Hidden Canyon Park. We parked at the Upper Creek Trailhead on Hastings Drive. Our route took us to Finch Trail, Ramber Trail, followed by the Elevator Trail, then Canyon Creek trail back to the trailhead. While the net elevation change could not have been more than 200-300 ft, short stretches of the trail are steep. Rambler skirts the back of San Carlos and Belmont homes and it does feel a little strange walking through someone else back alley. The park appears to be popular with bikers. This park made me feel as if I was elsewhere in California, perhaps because there were no noticeable poison oak.

Finch trail starts by going down steeply before climbing steeply back up to Rambler.
A relatively flat stretch of the Rambler trail that would make a lovely summer evening walk. While walking down this stretch, we heard a large number of birds. On this image there are very large mansion like houses to the left and the Hidden Canyon is to the right.
A particularly steep part of the Rambler trail before it meets the Elevator trail.
Start of the Elevator trail. There appears to be a small fire in the distance.
Bottom of Elevator trail before it meets Chaparral trail.
Elevator trail after the Chaparral trail intersection.
Canyon Creek trail, this portion of the trail is cool and wet, will probably be delicious in summer. The name Water Dog comes from salamander. Perhaps they live here at this park and can be seen on this trail.

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December 25, 2022 at 9:47 am

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