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Laurelwood (or is it Sugarloaf) Park, Dec 2022

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At one end of the Sugarloaf-Spur trail

Another short hike with spectacular view through Laurelwood Park in San Mateo. The park seems to be around Sugarloaf mountain, it is more of a small 400 ft tall hill. Some of the trails are very steep or had very steep sections. We couldn’t find a trail map and used Google maps instead. The total hike was about 2 miles. Starting at the San Juan Canyon fire road, we went up the Gravity trail to Sugarloaf-Spur trail, then all the way to the east point of Sugarloaf peak to gaze at the Bay views, then back to Laurelwood Park trail and down the Saddle trail to Salson trail to San Juan Canyon fire road to complete the loop. We met a few dog walkers but otherwise had the park to ourselves on a weekday.

The San Juan Canyon fire road entrance is next to 4118 Marsten Avenue
San Juan Canyon fire road
Another view of the canyon road, there is a canyon to the right and sugarloaf mountain to the left
A spot to contemplate the joys of nature on San Juan Canyon fire road
Somewhere on Gravity trail
Another on Gravity trail, I like this time of the year when some trees are nude, others are still in their fall colors, some others evergreen and the forest floor turns green after the first rains.
Op top of Gravity trail before meeting Sugarloaf-Spur trail
Near the intersection of Laurelwood Park trail and Steep trail
Looking up Saddle trail. There is yet another trail named Steep trail, Saddle was steep too!
Looking down Saddle trail
On Salson trail, looking up to Sugarloaf mountain
Back on San Juan Canyon fire road

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December 24, 2022 at 9:50 pm

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