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A foggy day on Mindego Hill, Jul 2022

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A foggy day on Fourth of July weekend, pasture space of Mindego Hill

Mindego Hill is a POST recommended hike for month of June. As one of the highest points in the area, Mindego Hill has amazing 360-degree views (see hiking photos by Hiking Shenandoah). We spent our hike with Karl the Fog. It also meant we had the trail to ourselves – more or less. It is an out and back trail. The parking lot on Alpine road and the Mindego Summit are about the same height. The first half a mile is a steep downhill. The last mile is a gentle climb on a narrow path on cow pasture. Apparently, Mindego Hill is underlain by basalt, Miocene-age volcanic rock. The basalt has high water holding capacity and stable structure which supports good forage.

Wide trail at the start
Fog tends to focus your view to objects that are nearer
We are often looking for garden inspirations, this one inspires our vision of our courtyard tree
The fences are wildlife friendly, the lowest one is 18 inches above ground and has no barbs.
Trail narrows after the trail bifurcates to go to POST Council Circle

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July 4, 2022 at 7:31 pm

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