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Service roads of Huddart Park, Jul 2022

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PG&E lines through the park

Huddart is the closest park to us with second growth redwoods. It offers cool trails in the summers, is well marked and is welcoming with its numerous picnic spaces. This Fourth of July weekend, it continued to be cold and foggy, so we chose an unexpected summer hike through its service roads. From Zwierlein Picnic Area to Richards Road Trail to Toyon Group Camps and down back on Campground Trail. On the Huddart Park map, it is trail junctions 21 to 26 to 6 to 19 to 17 to 21. We had intended to climb all the way to Skyline Blvd on Richards Road, but the path was closed due to flood damage.

Crystal Springs Trail between trail junctions 21 and 26
Close to trail marker 20, view of the West Union Creek
Near trail junction 11 where it splits off to go to Phleger Estate
Toyon Group Camps
Campground trail
Dean Trail between trail junctions 19 and 17

Written by Sachin

July 4, 2022 at 9:26 pm

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