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A new type of journey, one that celebrates sounds

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“Untitled” by Mrs Rajni Ahuja, my other mother. During the pandemic, she took up water coloring on her iPad. She leaves it to our imagination to interpret her art. We have been hiking this year and in this work of art, we experience meditation in the woods.

I am on a new kind of journey, one that celebrates sounds. The medium is podcast. We created a new page on our locomotoring website to share these auditory adventures with you.

You may wonder if this journey is yet another outcome of the pandemic? Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it was a long time coming, two dozen years, give or take a few. This year, I rolled up my pajama bottoms and decided to learn the skills of podcasting. I was inspired by my birth mother, Ratnabali. She is a writer and she has been writing audio plays for her local Durga Pujo. More on her latest tour de force play at a later time. Suffice to say that she inspired me. With help of Kelsey, my teacher from the continuing studies program at Stanford, I started exploring. The introduction to the podcast was a class homework and my very first exercise in creating two minutes of audio content. The Creative Commons community helped me build. My significant other, Sachin, had seeded the idea of jugalbandhi between Archy and I. My personal coach, Antonia, gave me the courage to show up to this jugalbandhi. My other mother, Rajni, is contributing to the cover art (she doesn’t know yet, but she will know soon). In summary, it has taken a number of strangers, friends and family to start this journey.

We are not on podcatchers yet – we are merely learning to put one step in front of other before we break into a run. We hope that we will be able to do so before long.

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December 14, 2022 at 3:33 am

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