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Episode 1, Introducing my co-host Archy

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Episode one of our new podcast, Archy and I, is now available. It is titled, “Archy, the poet, reincarnate has moved in my ear“.

Butting These Keys With My Head

say boss its a good
thing for you
that you don't bay me any wages for
the stuff i write
for you if you did
i would have to have them raised all
these strikes are getting
me feverish and excited one of
my long pieces in your column
often costs me twelve or 
fifteen hours of steady
labor and i am drowsy
all the next day butting these
keys with my head is no snap boss
anything i got for it would
be underpaying me i wish you would
buy a pear and leave it under the
metal typewriter case where the rats
can't get to it

Page 42, The annotated Archy and Mehitabel, 
Don Marquis
Archy moved from a newspaper office in New York City to a suburb in sunny California and has since settled in comfortably … this is their sit-think-reflect-write space. Photo credit: Ms Mikiko Kikuyama

Borrowing a term from Ottolenghi’s Test Kitchen, the extra good thing in this episode in Dr. Susan David. She speaks to grief differently . Here is a link to the Ted talk that made me realize that there are alternate narratives to “glass half full or glass half empty” one.

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December 14, 2022 at 9:44 pm

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