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Skyline Ridge trail in Sanborn County Park, Sep 2022

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The trail hugs Hwy 35 throughout, but it is easy to immerse yourself in the forest walk

Starting from Sunnyvale Mountain trailhead, this portion of Skyline trail goes to Indian Rock trail and back. Estimated length is approximately 6 miles. For most of the hike, the trail hugs Highway 35 but it wasn’t particularly noisy this particular weekend. We had just come off a major heat wave during the Labor Day weekend. The trail is almost entirely shaded and this particular day, it was rather windy. The treetops danced around creating a gush of sound, but the forest floor was not windy. The trail is mostly packed dirt but stretches of it are quite rocky. One does need to share the trail with bikers. The short Indian Rock trail portion is totally worth it and yes, it is an excellent spot to picnic while watching climbers. On our way back, heavy fog rolled in and we enjoyed the occasional fog drip, after the heat wave, it felt particularly soothing.

A small but tidy little parking lot
A small stretch of grassy meadow right near the parking lot
The first half mile is wide
A giant tree
Closeup of the giant tree whose tree trunk that has been braced with cement blocks for support
Along the route, there are various points where Highway 35 is only a few steps away. Here, the path has a convenient stairway.
The hilly slope is steep giving the hiker an unusual view of the trees
At the entrance of to Indian Rock trail entrance. This parking lot is a lot more popular for the climbers.
A gorgeous cluster of madrone trees on the Indian Rock trail
The popular rock climbing spot at the end of the Indian Rock trail

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September 11, 2022 at 8:56 pm

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