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Upper Wunderlich trails, Sep 2022

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Skyline ridge is a service road in Wunderlich

We had intended to hike the Alambique trail, but Wunderlich parking lot was full. So, we decided to hike the Skyline ridge and Alambique loop starting at the lower end of Skyline trail at the intersection of Ranch/Stadler Roads. The trailhead is in a residential area outside the boundaries of the park, so there was no formal parking lot, nor crowd. The first intersection is the crossroads from where we walked the skyline trail service road to the trailhead intersection on Highway 35 and then walked back on Alambique. It was about 5 miles with a gentle grade, perhaps 200-300 ft of climb.

The entire five miles is almost entirely shaded, and occasionally, the clearings through trees offer views of the Bay. The skyline portion of the trail has the aroma of bay leaves. Alambique nearer the skyline intersection catches fog drip and presents an understory of ferns. These portions of Skyline ridge and Alambique trails are service roads and therefore, wide and easy to walk on. A few sections on skyline offer hairpin switchbacks and steep mountain sides, adding to the visual interest. While there was a big crowd at the base of the park, the trails here were quiet. We came across no more than half a dozen hikers along the way. You do hear the traffic noise from Highway 35 from time to time.

Skyline ridge near the trailhead
A cluster of manzanitas, looking like a dwarf forest. The moss cover is almost entirely dry in mid September, but I imagine this looks live and out worldly during the rainier winter months.
An unbroken view of the power lines from near the top of the park
Alambique trailhead near the Highway 35 intersection. Here, it is wetter due to the fog drip. The understory has a lot of ferns.
A distant view of the salt ponds in the Bay from one of the clearings

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September 18, 2022 at 6:41 pm

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