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Bear Creek Redwoods, Aug 2022

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A couple of majestic old growth redwoods on the Alma Trail

We followed the POST recommendation for the Bear Creek Redwoods hike. There is a short wheelchair accessible Upper Loop trail near the parking lot that circumnavigates a pond called Upper Lake – there are a number of benches to sit and have lunch afterwards, although none of the benches are shaded. The first mile of the Alma trail and the Madrone Knoll trail are the steepest climbs. The trail is well marked, shaded, broad and well traversed. The last bit of Alma and Madrone Knoll trail are close enough to highways to hear the cars going past. For most part of the hike, the air is fragrant with the smell of bay leaves. We estimated 7.4 miles and 1200 ft in net elevation gain.

Start of Alma trail, steep, and graveled.
Is this Loma Prieta peeking through the vegetation on Alma Trail?
Alma trail continues to be shaded
Near Webb Creek crossing on Alma Trail
Madrone Knoll Trail, the redwoods are dense in this patch. There isn’t much sunlight to sustain photosynthesis.
Circumnavigating the knoll. Lexington Reservoir peeking through the vegetation.

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August 13, 2022 at 8:13 pm

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