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Edgewood Park, Jul 2022

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Small white daisy like flowers, hayfield tarweed, in bloom all along Edgewood and Ridgeview between trail markers 9, 13, and 15. The plants are spindly and their leaves are barely noticeable. The air is strongly perfumed with a lilac/lavender smell.

It is another cool day here in Bay Area and Edgewood beckoned us yet again. Right after our last hike to the park, a fire (6/21-6/26) had burned down 20 acres (of a total of 467 acres). The incident caused power outage for nearly 9000 residents and caused significant havoc to Stanford University campus. We were, thankfully, untouched and are grateful that the fire damage is minimal. This park is a little gem, with its native wildflower diversity – note the section on Fight to Save Edgewood from Friends of Edgewood Preserve and the wildflower survey.

Today, we started the hike at the park entrance on Edgewood road, and from trail marker 1, we first walked 1.2 miles on Edgewood trail to marker 13, then 0.2 miles on Ridgeview trail to marker 15, another 0.2 miles on Franciscan Trail to marker 12, then 0.5 miles on Live Oak Trail to marker 17, then 0.6 miles on the Ridgeview Trail to marker 13, then 0.1 miles on Edgewood Trail to marker 9, then 0.3 miles on Serpentine Trail to marker 10, and the final 0.7 miles on Old Stage Road to the parking lot. A total of about 3.8 miles.

Early on on Edgewood Trail
Edgewood Trail as it turns around and faces highway 280
Vegetation is drying up and the poison ivy is quite noticeable with their red leaves
Hayfield tarweed filling the morning air with strong lavender/lilac scent.
From Ridgeview trail between markers 17 and 15
View of the Bay near trail marker 10, intersection of Serpentine, and Old Stage Road
A steep stretch of Old Stage Road

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