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Chai by river Hooghly

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Chai-wallah. Super sweet milky chai with hints of ginger. What is special are these earthen cups in which the chai is served. The pots are size of a child’s fist. So even though the sweetness of the tea hurts your teeth, it lasts only a few tiny sips. Tea gets a slightly earthen flavor when served in these pots.

I remember the pots being nicely proportioned back in the days.

Post Peter Cat, we decided to do a family outing to Outram ghat and threw in a boat ride. Last similar trip was in 2008. We had desperately needed the exercise but instead our boatman got some. The ghats along the river are full of untapped tourism potential but as a third generation Calcuttan, I have now finally given up hope. However, it never fails to provide some elements of interest. During this particular boat ride, we drew close to Prinsep ghat and found a long haired baul singer entertaining the crowd. When he got up for an ovation, we realized that he was a hipster to boot. We found remnants of bisarjan, a long legged goddess, dangling by her ankles at one of the canal bridges.

Young boys on a break from leisurely fishing. One of them was using a coke can to reel in the fishing line.

Vidyasagar Setu (aka Hooghly bridge) in the background.

A disused ship/barge being used as a home and workshop complete with a tulsi plant.

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November 20, 2014 at 10:31 pm

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