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Peter Cat of Kolkata

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Peter Cat of Kolkata, started in sixties, it is unclear how much has changed since. My brother is pretty convinced that absolutely no changes have occurred in last 2 decades.

A mindless concoction of a bloody mary. Completely avoidable.

Sizzler. This is not on the menu but clientele seemed to know of it. Various kababs, liver, shrimp, paneer doused in a creamy sauce. Quite nice.

Tandoori shrimp, my favorite this time. The shrimps were amazingly tender and disappeared rapidly.

Spicy chicken liver. I got some back home to try with the Kentucky bourbon.

Chelokabab plate. The sheek kabab was over spiced but the tandoori skewers were tender and juicy. We had a lot of left over tandoori chicken which came back home – to be converted into tikka masala.

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November 17, 2014 at 11:49 am

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