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Trio of preserves

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Jams and marmalades this season

Jams and marmalades this season

Black berry jam:
It is the end of the season here, and I picked up 2 lbs of blackberry at 1/2 the usual price!

Rinse, crush, and add 1 lb sugar. Add juice of 1 lemon reserving the zest. Cook on medium until candy thermometer reads 220 F. Switch off flame, add zest of the lemon and proceed to can.

Sour cherries

Sour cherries

Seville orange marmalade:

Made a batch of marmalade this spring following David Lebovitz‘s recipe. We did only one alteration – removed the white pith from the rind before chopping them up. This part is a bit of hard work but the result is absolutely the best Seville orange marmalade ever. Read up more on brioche with marmalade.

Sour cherry jam:
After reading about these for years and hearing raves, I saw fresh sour cherries for the first time in my life at a local grocery store last week of July. They are delicious indeed.

Rinse the cherries, pit them and weigh them. Add 1/2 the amount in sugar e.g. if pitted cherries  are 2 lbs, add 1 lb sugar. Add juice of a lemon, reserving the zest. Cook until 220F. Switch off flame, add a splash of vanilla and the reserved lemon zest. These cook in practically no time so watch out. The taste in an absolute delight.

General tips and techniques:

  • If making jam with small quantities of fruit (<4 lbs), pick a pot that is not too wide. If using a large diameter pot, the candy thermometer won’t be submerged.
  • Skim off the foam that rises to the top during the first 1/2 hr of cooking. The foam can be mixed with yogurt or icecream for a quick snack during jam making.

Written by Som

August 17, 2010 at 7:45 am

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