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Walking about in witch town

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Salem Friendship reflected in the sea ....(click for more photos from the trip)

Salem Friendship reflected in the sea ....(click for more photos from the trip)

Salem is a lovely tourist town – walk friendly – with quaint little pubs, restaurants and antique shops scattered about the main tourist hub. I had stepped into Massachusetts after about dozen or so years and it felt as if nothing had changed. The state highway 107, leading me from Logan airport to Salem Waterfront Hotel, meandered about like a local road with its numerous stop signs and pedestrians let loose. I didn’t mind – I could leisurely take in the sight of New England flora once more. I only had a sliver of that day left for leisure – between evening and nightfall – next morning will get the gears churning again – office, meetings, blackberry, ….

By the time my morning flight from San Francisco had deposited me to this lovely town, all the tourists had gone away or had taken refuge in pubs. My body clock was still stuck in mid afternoon – not too early to drink just discombobulated from the jet-setting day. I walked about the quiet waterfront, admired the reflection of Salem’s ship on the quiet waters of the ocean, the quiet streets and then the empty commons. The evening sun was dripping gold and it was warm and soft and quiet all around. The sort of evening when you want to sit at the park bench and be kissed and held. Didn’t see any lovebirds – have the young ones traded romance for youtube and the older ones for the pint? The only event extraordinaire that occurred on that warm quiet evening was a question – couple of eight years olds came flying by on their bikes and asked me what an orgasm was? Sure – something they would soon know in the privacy of their rooms aided by Maxim and their right hand. Kids! Why not ask me what romance on warm summer evening under a starry night could be?

Salem Commons .... (Click for more photos from the trip)

Salem Commons .... (Click for more photos from the trip)

With some reluctance, I picked myself up from the park bench and deposited myself at Bella Verona. The walk did nothing to get my appetite going – but that was the best I was going to accomplish that evening. Eating alone at a charming restaurant – no, I didn’t mind at all – I only wish, they had some light to read by. Seafood linguine in a light tomato sauce and a glass of house Chianti – a perfect ending to a long day of rushing about the airport security check in the morning, packed like sardines on the long flight and then that empty evening.

Written by Som

May 20, 2010 at 6:49 pm

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