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Richmond night market, taste of Asia in the middle of Vancouver

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I thought I had stepped into one of the markets of Hong Kong. But it was the Richmond Night Market of Vancouver. A garish night market selling cheap trinkets. Skill-free Karaoke accompanied skillful food making displays.

Once you are out of the Bridgeport train station, the urban scene changed rapidly. We walked through dirt roads, guided by city traffic police and bright night lights to get to waterside barren ground where the market was setup. The long queue moved fast, tickets were cheap and then we were surrounded with deluge of trinkets – electronic junk, cute socks, Japanese swords, lenses to change your eye color… At bazaars like these, food is always the most fascinating part. Most of the food was some form of grilled or fried food – fried stinky tofu, fried calamari, grilled chicken, grilled shrimps, fried noodles… There were some curious food making on display like bubble waffles and fish shaped waffles. And then there were some fairly complex food being made like meat balls being formed with chopsticks.

Written by locomotoring

September 7, 2014 at 7:41 pm