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Night sky in Joshua Tree NP

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We started the year 2022 with trip to an old favorite, Joshua Tree National Park. If there is a national park, that feels personal and accessible, this is it. You can stop anywhere, walk anywhere and scramble up any rock. So it feels. It is perfect in the winter when it rains elsewhere. Best night sky is perhaps the month of September when JT hosts night sky festival, however, for those of us who live amidst light pollution, a sky where you can see stars is perfect anytime of the year. The photos below are from a small stretch between Quail Springs and Hemingway between 9 and 10 pm. We didn’t really have appropriate winter attire, so we were rather cold, but the photos were well worth it.

From Quail Springs Parking Lot. This is a single long exposure, otherwise unprocessed.
On a dirt trail right before Hemingway, coming from the West Entrance. This is a different night compared to the previous image. Night sky was cloudless. This is a single short exposure but otherwise unprocessed photo. The glowing tip of the rocks is from a car passing by on the Park Boulevard.
From the same dirt trail and the same night as the previous photo. This is stacked but otherwise unprocessed. You can see the linear trails from flights.

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March 19, 2022 at 8:51 pm

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