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Les Cocottes, eating near Eiffel Tower

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Neighbor with a morning cup of coffee and cigarette

Neighbor with a morning cup of coffee and cigarette

One nice thing about traveling from San Francisco to Paris is the hour you wake up on the very first day  – it was three in the morning for us. Paris is beautifully lit and quiet at that time. We waited eagerly for our first taste of croissant and coffee at the neighborhood cafe. Early signs of dawn breaking are the activities around these breakfast cafes. Morning load of pastries and bread arrives, the chairs are placed out, the waiters share a few moments over their morning cigarettes. I notice a neighbor popping her head out of, what I assume to be, her bathroom window for a smoke.

Dressed in our freshly bought European style attire, we headed out. After a week, my beautiful shoes and the cobblestone paths of Paris parted ways but not on the first day. We decided to combine the two most quintessential symbols of Paris, Siene and Eiffel tower in one shot, walk along Siene to Eiffel tower. From Place Michel Debre to Blvd Saint-Germain to Rue De Bac to river Seine. Even with our hundred stops for photographs, we were near the tower in a couple of hours. Does a slow saunter work up an appetite? No. But sight of delicious pastries from the storefront definitely does.

Cafe near Les Cocottes

While waiting for Les Cocottes to open

Canelés, baked flour cakes soaked in syrup

Canelés, baked flour cakes soaked in syrup

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Written by Som

November 27, 2010 at 1:57 am