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Welcoming daylight saving with this, that and the other

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We move forward by an hour today. In 2018, Californians overwhelmingly voted to stay permanently with the daylight savings time. Yet, the ritual of biannual moving clocks forward and back continues. Nearly every clock at home is digital these days and they move themselves. A few that are still manual have stayed permanently in daylight savings since 2018. Instead, one lives with the mental math now – call it an iota of personal protest.

This daylight saving we are in the 12th week of heavy rains in California. Footage of Pajaro river levee breaking and flooding Monterey county was scary last night. Today the sound of rain on the rooftop is generating anxiety and we are playing Nina Simone to soothe our souls. Can’t really get out on a hike so here are a few things we are doing to keep ourselves occupied.

“Roasted sweet potato chaat” (desi snowperson?), with usual fixings of tamarind chutney, roasted cumin, pantry raid crispy bits like boondi and kale crisp! Is it fair to say that you can tell a desi by their ability to craft up chaat on-demand?
Taking portraits of our warrior orchid. The first time it came home, it bloomed for an year. This is its third bloom with us!
Doswaffle (dosa batter cooked in a waffle maker) with egg curry and coconut chutney. The doswaffle is something we learned from a visit to chef Preeti Mistry’s Juhu Beach Club in Oakland many years ago. JBC shut down, but the doswaffle carries on. Why is the dosa batter yellow? Holi, silly. Its got the mighty turmeric.
Step out in-between rain and winds and capture the brave calla lilies
Try creating a gif with non-alcoholic fizzy Bloody Mary, or as chef Preeti Mistry calls it, “Bloody Meera”. In 2021, world celebrated 100 years of having invented the original.
Bringing in some color with holi inspired curtains to beat the cloudy skies

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March 13, 2023 at 1:53 am

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