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An asana that makes me smile

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DALL-E to the instruction “Sketch of a starfish in the ocean surrounded by other fish”

The Sanskrit name of the pose is Ardha Chandrasana or Half (“Ardh”) Moon (“Chandra”) pose (“Asana”). One of my teachers, Tara Judelle in her Glo class, Liquid Viscosity, has me imagine a starfish bobbing up and down in calm waters. The class starts with imagining oneself surrounded by the body of water one loves the most. And throughout the class, we imagine shapeshifting as we move from one asana to next, being buoyed up by the water around us. Isn’t that wonderful?

I love water and yes, I am still loving the rain after nearly 12 weeks of what feels like incessant rain in otherwise dry California! But one of my fondest memory is a warm pool in a generic motel in Florida. It was some academic conference or other. At the end of a long day busily overloading the grey cells, I remember getting into the warm pool and floating. And then it started to rain. It was one of those pitter pattern rain drops where you can feel each fat drop as it makes contact. The rain was cooler than the warm water of the pool which created a wonderful sensory contrast and made me tingle head to foot.

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March 11, 2023 at 10:44 pm

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