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Black History Month, Celebrating with a special hike

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Our unusual weather pattern continues, this time it is snow!

This week we had strong winds, rain and snow resulting trees and branches falling, and power outages yet again. Yes you heard that right, snow! Since our hiking boots have been holding up, we decided to explore another park during the lull between the storm. Last weekend of February, with just a few days to pay tribute to Black History Month, we chose Sam McDonald Park. Our chosen hike was the Heritage Grove Loop – spanning heritage grove trail and towne fire trail – from main parking lot to trail marker 25 to 30 to 26 to 20 and back to the mail parking lot. It is a 4 mile hike but we went off the trail – from trail marker 26, we went off towards 6 and then backed up. We ended up walking a little more than 5 miles and 65 stairs.

First part of the heritage grove trail, between trail marker 21 and 25, it is mostly flat. And like any redwood trail, the ground is nice and soft.
One of several seasonal waterfalls.
The trail was partially blocked due to a small fallen tree (right of the image). These seasonal waterfalls are also making the tree roots water logged and prone to falling.
Towne fire road intersection with heritage grove trail, trail marker 30.
Damage to the fire road due to the heavy rains, near trail marker 27.

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February 27, 2023 at 4:51 am

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