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Coal Creek OSP, Feb 2023

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Our plum tree is starting to bloom!

In the winter months, after the rains, it is nice to go see the seasonal waterfalls in our forests. We went on a 4 mile hike through Coal Creek Open Space Preserve. Our hike started on Alpine road trailhead, and we climbed the bypass trail, the Crazy Pete’s trail and climbed down via the Coal trail back to the trailhead. The milkmaids were in bloom. From parts of Alpine, we could see the Corte Madera Creek which was also flowing enthusiastically. The trail intersects with coal creek on Crazy Pete’s road where there was a seasonal waterfall. I recorded the sounds, both upstream and downstream of the bridge and it was distinctly different. How obvious, but how so wonderful. There were a number of bikers and the trails were muddy. All in all, it was a welcome getaway.

The waterfall creates a small pool on one side…
… before rushing down the hill.
Milkmaids, one of the early blooming native wildflowers in SF Bay Area.
The coal trail is broad…
You can get a glimpse of the Bay or nearby houses in Portola Valley from many spots.
A beautiful cluster of trees.
Once upon a time, Coal Creeks was a place where Native Americans gathered and ground acorns and other seeds. Without Midpen, this area would be turned into a residential subdivision. Relatively modern remnants by the bypass.

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February 22, 2023 at 1:41 am

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