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Thornewood Open Space Preserve, Apr 2022

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Looking up on Bridle trail

First, we did the Schilling Lake trail recommended by POST. The parking lot on La Honda only has space for six cars and is often overcrowded on weekends, it helped us that this was the Tax weekend as well as the Easter weekend. On our way back, we decided to explore the Bridle trail. This trail is almost entirely shaded by Redwoods. Overall, approximately 3.5 miles and elevation change of approximately 400 ft. The trails go along streams and small waterfalls and could be nice, albeit cold, in winter. It had rained yesterday and portions of the trail were a little muddy.

Start of Schilling Lake Trail
Schilling lake, more of a pond than a lake but cute nonetheless, a lone duck was resting
A little beyond where the trail is no longer maintained
On Bridle trail
Clearing close to the lower parking on Old La Honda road

Written by Sachin

April 18, 2022 at 6:46 am

Posted in Bay Area, California, USA

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