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El Parnita in Mexico City

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El Parnita was our first meal in Mexico City. Lunch in Mexico City commences around 2 pm – like in Barcelona. We arrived before the restaurant had opened. But the place filled up soon enough. Dogs and kids were welcome – we had two young babies on one side and a Mexican hairless dog on the other. Several other multi-generational families were present, this place is clearly popular with locals.

We started lunch with guanabana juice and ordered several tacos. Aside from the traditional Tlacoyos, the tacos were served on blue corn tortillas. Garbanzo Bertha was perhaps the most unusual although given the influence of lebanese cooking in carnitas, the addition of hummus shouldn’t have been surprising. Pibil sauce on fish felt unusual but to be honest, I have only had pibil once and that too home made following Robert Rodriguez’s puerco pibil recipe nearly a decade ago – from the DVD extra on Once Upon A Time in Mexico!

Our Google translator app managed to translate only 10% of menu but I think we would have been happy even if we had ordered randomly.

Great day outside

Eclectic and cozy inside

In the mortar is  a salsa of smoked habanero with caramelized onions.

Tlacoyos bañados – thick oval tortillas stuffed with black beans and topped with cheese. Guacamole on the side.

Taco Xochimilco: Suadero cut, a cut between stomach and rear leg, served with cilantro and onions.

Garbanzo Bertha: Salt cod fried in lentil batter perhaps, served with garbanzo bean paste (hummus), topped with guacamole sauce.

Dorado matul: Cod with pibil sauce

We had to go back one more time. Shared a plate of their slow cooked pork. Another favorite – guanabana/custard apple sherbet, a light drink like their more commonly found tamarind one.

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