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Gaudi’s homes, the one to live in

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Casa Batlló, a small castle submerged in the sea

Physically being inside Casa Batlló came as a surprise. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting, perhaps a smaller version of Hearst Castle? Instead what you get is a poetry of light and shades, buttery wood,  organic shapes and strangely enough, nothing superfluous. There is no other option but to be acutely aware of the attention to detail. Even the presence of other tourists, do not manage to the take away the sense of intimacy the space provides. The rooftop and chimneys are built to awe but the living space inside is built to comfort and soothe. Management has put together an animation that interprets Gaudi’s vision for Casa Batlló and it is definitely worth seeing, I can only wish for its public release.

Stained glass on outward facing window

Identical stained glass has a different effect inside

Central staircase around which the apartments are built. Central large skylight keeps even the lower floors well lit

Subtle changes in tile shade, the lower floors that get less light from the skylight have lighter tiles.

Burst of color in outside spaces

Organic, fluid and ergonomic in the cozy interior spaces

Exceptional and novel architecture …

… combined with a bit of whimsy – ceiling lights.

Rooftop, this meant to awe from a distance …

… and is equally pleasant to see from up close

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November 28, 2013 at 9:41 pm

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