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L’ascensor Cocktail Bar in Barri Gotic (Stirred not Shaken)

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A divey bar in Barri Gotic with low lights and old fashioned music

At this gin focused cocktail bar, ask for a dry Martini with premium gin and watch labor of love unfold in your glass

Rest your weary feet, listen to music and sip the best gin cocktail of your life

Addendum: On trip 2, we observed the artist in action in making a martini. Take a tall glass and fill with large ice cubes. Stir like a madman. Walk away, do a few unrelated things. Stir again like a madman. Go to the kitchen and bring an olive. Stir again, throw away the melted water. Now pour about an ounce of dry vermouth. Stir again vigorously making sure that the vermouth coats the ice cubes. Now put off most of the vermouth and do a final stir around. Add about a couple ounces of gin. Stir around one final time and then pour into chilled martini glasses. Drop the olive.

Written by locomotoring

October 9, 2013 at 2:24 am

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  1. […] dash of Angostura bitters and Grenadine. Does this have the potential of being sublime like a good gin-martini? Possibly […]

  2. […] For dinner we had couple of fish dishes that were unapologetic in their subtle and non-fussy conception and closer to Catalan style cooking than Californian. One, an olive oil poached cod, was extraordinary. Cocktails were definitely designed for a younger audience in mind – smooth and sweet. L’Ascensor….sigh! […]

  3. […] architecture inside, evokes an amble through woods. On an everyday basis, I might miss CalPep or L’ascensor, but Segrada Familia is what will take me back to […]

  4. […] and the current one is Citadelle. Both excellent but the martini is still missing the romance of L’Ascensor. Husband says I need some grey hair before I can arrive at the perfect martini and perhaps he is […]

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