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Mam i teca, fitting in with the locals

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Small family run restaurant with a wide selection at the bar.

Thanks to serious jetlag, we are up at 11 pm wide awake. So we joined the locals for a spot of dining. Much thanks to our personal foodie advisor (PFA) from Aborigens, we stepped into Mam i Teca, one of the oldest Slow Food restaurant in Barcelona.

This unassuming Catalan restaurant is located opposite a Punjabi run corner market, in the neighborhood of El Raval. It appeared to be family run. At that time of Sunday night, the only other customer was a voluble and friendly drunk. Top notch ingredients, affordable but excellent wine pairing, and friendly service made it a worthwhile food experience.

Piquillo peppers, roasted, skinned and fried in garlic olive oil.

Local pork Sopressata

Salt cod, served with a sauce of honey, vinegar, hazelnuts and almonds

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October 7, 2013 at 5:28 am

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