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Day 2 in Paris

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Our last visit to Paris was in the interstice between summer and spring. We had tired ourselves walking the greater part of two weeks. By the time my mind was made up about walking up the stairs of Notre Dame church, my feet had defected. So we decided to climb the stairs early on in this trip.

A modern decor

Pâté with foie gras and duck meat, encased in pastry shell.

Fish in a creamy mustard sauce, served with potato medallions.

Blood sausage in a sea of mashed potatoes.

Fortified at Terroir Parisien, the climb didn’t appear quite as tedious. Yes, the stairs are narrow and uneven. Yes, there are several others lumbering up with you adding to the sense of claustrophobia.  It is worthwhile thinking that the monks didn’t have access to handrails back then. There are two levels of roof access which really helps break up the tedium of climbing. The first level with the gargoyles is definitely more photogenic but the top level provides an uninterrupted and expansive view of the city.

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December 5, 2012 at 6:58 pm

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