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Fast food in London

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Pret a Manger sandwich and crisps

It is now a little over two months since our London trip. I hadn’t meant to slip so far behind in my writing but it has happened. I can only hope that the memories have aged like cheese! We had stayed in a tiny but super-cute apartment in London, which was practically on top of the Neal’s Yard at Seven Dials. I am pretty sure that on a summer afternoon, an open window in the apartment will bring in the mingled aroma of aged cheeses from Neal’s Yard Diary. We didn’t open the windows  on account of the cold but we did breakfast on their cheeses and their imported Poilâne’s bread.

Soup bowls at Wagamama

Stir fried noodles at Wagamama

Sushi box at Itsu

... perfect for inflight meal too

What else does one eat while in London? Indian tikka masala,  game meats at the gastro pubs of course. Fast food? Fast food in western nations is like street food in developing nations, food for the masses, food for the ones who are rushing about. London’s fast food include Pret a Manger, Wagamama and Itsu.

Pret a Manger has sandwiches of various kinds where pickles form a significant ingredient, otherwise they are equivalent of McDonald’s. Adequate but nothing to write home about. Wagamama Noodle Bar in spite of its hip canteen like setting was perhaps the most disappointing of all with its bland big bowls of soup and doughy noodles. The best of the three turned out to be Itsu. The selection at Itsu are boxed sushi, and sashimi, noodle cups and Japanese curry flavored kedgeree like concoctions. Their collection looked healthy, felt healthy and tasted pretty darn good. We liked the food enough that we picked  up a few meals for the return flight to US.

Next up, Indian food in London.

Written by Som

January 29, 2012 at 7:25 am

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