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A cooking adventure this Lunar New Year

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A recent shipment from an online Asian grocery story. The jackfruit chips have already been explored and have been given A+ rating. We have a wonderful “east meets further east” idea for the Coconut Kaya, hold on to your hats for a few more weeks!

This Lunar New Year, we wanted to bring some Cantonese cuisine home. Many years ago, we were in Hong Kong and the memories of a breakfast congee is one we fondly recall often. We made plans to make turnip cakes (Lo Bak Go) and sticky rice lotus leaf wraps (Lo Ma Gai). Traditionally they are dim sum dish, but for novices like us, they were to be proper meals, one lunch and another dinner. It was all a little last minute and last minute plans to tend to go awry.

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January 27, 2023 at 7:17 pm

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