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Two spring flower displays, Part I

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The rains this winter has resulted in superblooms in California, this is our neighborhood Edgewood County Park. Flowers are orange California poppies, purple Indian paintbrush and white variable linanthus.

This popular wildflower circuit starts at Clarkia trailhead at trailmarker 23, takes a left at trailmarker 22 to get on Sunset trail, right on trailmarker 9 to get on Serpentine, left at trailmarker 11 to get on Franciscan, right on trailmarker 8 to get on Baywood Glen trail, right on 7 to get to Sylvan, left on 16 to get on Serpentine, left on 19, left on 20 to get on Sunset and then back to the trailhead. Bulk of the action can be viewed near trailmarker 22 at the intersection of Clarkia and Sunset. Friends of Edgewood maintain a wonderful survey and this spring season, we might have identified over 70 distinct wildflower species via the iNaturalist app.

On Clarkia between trailmarker 23 and 22. Mostly tidytips, interspersed with blue dicks and miniature lupines.
On Clarkia between trailmarker 23 and 22. A cluster of tidytips.
Standing at trailmarker 22 and looking eastwards between Sunset and Clarkia trails. Mostly, yellow tidytips, white creamcups, purple Indian paintbrush, and orange California poppies.
Same spot as before, looking west. Mostly, yellow tidytips, purple Indian paintbrush, and orange California poppies.
Walking on Sunset. Mostly, yellow California goldfield.
Zooming in, yellow California goldfield, lighter yellow tidytips and orange California poppies.
On Sunset, this particular patch had became waterlogged for several weeks and is dry now. The yellow California goldfield are growing along what was previously the stream.
Franciscan trail, and the orange California poppies.
On Serpentine trail, between trailmarkers 19 and 20. Mostly tidytips and California goldfields.
On Sunset, between trailmarkers 20 and 22, looking north at the Edgewood hill.
Same as above, looking south at California poppies.

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April 26, 2023 at 7:01 pm

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