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Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Aug 2022

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A redwood tree when standing is a majestic sight, it lives for a thousand years and then when it falls, it continues to nourish the forest floor for another few hundred years. This one lies in the founders grove.

A heat wave passed by during our time in the Humboldt county. Myer’s Flat clocked over 100F. We thought we would spend the hot day walking under the redwood giants. We stopped by the visitor center to pick up a map. We had intended a 8 mile hike through alluvial flats starting from Rockefeller grove – Bull Creek flats south to Big Trees Trail to Bull Creek flats north. First, we nearly missed Rockefeller Grove. Later, after crossing the Bull Creek footbridge, we got off the trail early on, meandered around the forest floor for a mile, hit a dead end and headed back out. On our way back, we stopped by Founder’s Grove. The 2.5 mile walkabout under the redwoods – Rockefeller and Founder’s Grove – had registered 90F.

Rockefeller grove
Past the footbridge on bull creek
Untouched forest floor
Looked like a path through the sorrels, but eventually we hit a dead end by the creek
More of the beautiful floor
Still following what looks like a path
Nearing the dead end
Giving up and retracing
Meandering through Founder’s Grove on our way back from the park
Standing inside a tree
The famous Dyerville Giant. It stood for 1600 years and fell in 1991. It measured 370 ft tall, 17 ft in diameter, 52 ft in circumference and estimated weight of a million pounds.

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August 19, 2022 at 5:57 am

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