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Fujimaki, a train station Izakaya

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Fujimaki is located next to Yoyogi station, on the top floor of a little nondescript mall. It would have been hard to find if we did not place ourselves in the hands of Google maps. Ten closely placed bar stools around the counter served by an elderly cook, accompanied by second who prepped the food and a third who did the dishwashing. The table fans whirred away but it was muggy and sweaty. It had just rained and it was cooler outside than inside. Jazz played in the background. Patrons were smoking, drinking large volumes of beer and sake and eating through the menu – mostly all parts of chicken – liver, gizzard, fatty tail and everything else in between. An occasional bacon wrapped okra or cherry tomato was a nod to the vegetables.

Chicken liver

Grated daikon/radish and pickled vegetables

Chicken skin

Cartilage of chicken breast

Eggplant with grated ginger

Okra wrapped in bacon

Chicken with roe and seaweed

Chicken with umeboshi paste and shiso leaves

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August 2, 2017 at 4:33 am

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