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Pineapple guava, a tropical fruit

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Pineapple guava at my local market, Sigona.

Small fruits, smaller than your typical guava.

These are pineapple guavas from my tree. To eat, wait until they are a little soft to touch. They will continue to look green.

Although edible, the outside part is too tart to be fun. Inside is soft and sweet and a blast of flavor. When ripe, the inside portion starts to look translucent. I scoop the insides out using a spoon. Right now, the fruits are ripening and they fall from the tree making a nice “tup” sound on the patio wood.

These are the flowers of pineapple guava tree. Now that I am catching the tree in spring bloom, I see the squirrels wreak a havoc on these flowers. Hopefully the tree will end up with sufficient fruits this summer.

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October 11, 2014 at 9:51 pm

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