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Machu Picchu flight at Pakta

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Pakta serves Nikkei cuisine, which is a combination of Peruvian and Japanese dishes, flavors, and techniques. While we are unfamiliar with Peruvian food and somewhat familiar with Japanese food, even we could see that the meal was technically superbly executed. The meal was complex enough that it will repay multiple visits. We had indicated gluten sensitivity which resulted is several substitutions for us.

Whisky sour, cocktail recommendation of the day for their Nikkei Chilcano

Five different starter courses, eaten in the clockwise direction starting from the leftmost dish…

Scallop with chalaca sauce, a refreshing Peruvian sauce with lime juice, tomatoes and peppers

Soy milk yuba with salmon roe and avocado

Olluco with huancaina sauce, a spicy Peruvian cream and cheese sauce

Sweet corn cream with caviar

Eggplant with kimizu sauce, a Japanese egg yolk and vinegar sauce

Fried tofu with carrots and fish broth. You have to eat this tofu to believe that tofu can melt in your mouth!

Mackerel sashimi with …

…seaweed salad. There were these tiny green peppercorn like seaweeds that would have need a macro lens to capture

Fried chicken causa served with ocopa sauce, a huacatay, pepper and cheese sauce

Octopus causa served with olive spheres, served with a delightful roasted/puffed quinoa

Sea Bass Ceviche with kumquats and fresh onions in “leche de tigre”, a citrus-y milk that was stunning combination of flavors

Tuna with shichimi togarashi served with crispy nori chip

Nigiris – tuna with wasabi, squid with hucatay salt/leaf, mahi-mahi with umeboshi sauce, a pickled plum sauce

Tofu with mushrooms (substituted a soba dish for us)

Langoustine nigiri with grilled head …

…with soy foam

Grilled suckling pig sashimi …

… the sashimi substituted gyoza for us

Prawn with pine smoke …

… served with prawn salt

Fried rockfish in tamarillo, “escabeche” sauce, a fruit with taste of passion fruit and tomato in a freshly pickled sauce

Iberian pork ribs “Juane”, a traditional leaf wrapped rice preparation with bits of Iberian pig

Tenderloin with potato puffs, baby corn and quail eggs

Playful marshmallow with a Japanese citrus called Shikwasa

Multiple desserts, eaten in a clockwise manner starting with the iced mango rose, followed by chocolate coated physalis that substituted sweet potato picarones/doughnuts, and …

… banana bombon with umeshu gel, a Japanese liqueur

Meringues …

…served with “dulce de leche” ice cream and a dash a pisco

Figs and ginger soup with almond tofu

White chocolate and tea wafer with yuzu gummy

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  1. […] If I had to pick a favourite, it had to be the Oysters on the Half Shell (I am partial to taste of sea) and Pulpos Salteodos. Latter reminded me of Nikkei cuisine from Barcelona’s Pakta. […]

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