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Dos cafés y chocolate caliente

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Interior of Lilipep

I am not sure why good coffee is hard to find in Barcelona. Ditto for chocolate. Perhaps the Cava is so cheap, seafood so exceptional and cheese so plentiful that people never get around to the coffee and chocolate part of the day.

Satan’s Coffee Corner, located within a gift shop in El Raval area, is the best coffee shop in Barcelona. We found this on our landlord’s advise and made several trips.

Lilipep, located in El Born, is such a perfect setup for a cafe that even a barely adequate coffee will be delightful. We walked into it accidentally while exploring El Born. It appears to be an entryway of an old residential building converted to a shop.

And finally Granja Viader abutting the church, Parroquia de la Mare de Deu de Betlem on Ramblas. This establishment has been around since 1870. It is such a lovely shop that you want it around forever. They say they are famous for their churros and hot chocolate. The chocolate is so thick that you can stand your spoon in it.

Written by locomotoring

October 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm

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