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Hisop, contemporary Catalan

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Warm decor

Sashimi with fish broth, pre-starter. Very umami.

Fresh oyster with omelette foam, pre-starter. Unexpected roundedness!

“After eight” generous serving of foie-gras with onion broth and chocolate shavings. Slightly sweet and rich from the onion, this was a perfect starter coming from California where foie gras ban has been in effect for over an year now. Starter.

Monkfisk served with “calcots” green “romesco” sauce and green tea powder. Calcots is the Catalan green onions that are traditionally grilled during summer seasons and served with romeso sauce, a red pepper and nuts based sauce. Bourdain’s Barcelona episode shows this traditional style of consuming these onions. Monkfish in this dish was barely cooked and therefore very chewy and juicy. The calcot romesco sauce was a perfect pairing to the light fish and playful to boot. Main course.

Suckling pig with crispy skin, served with tart apples and cardamom flavored apple sauce. Main course.

Orange ice, pre-dessert.

Pistachio souffle with keffir lime ice-cream, served with rocket sauce. This is one of the more unusual desserts of my life but it could not have been any more perfect. The bitterness of rockets balanced the nuttiness of pistachios, the keffir lime complemented the grassiness of rocket, and the refreshing keffir lime flavor cut the richness of the souffle. Dessert. Wow!

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