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Coco & co, cutest little bistro serving ‘am and eggs

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What can one do in a 200 sq ft of space? One can start a little bistro that serves eggs in all sorts of ways.

Egg candy Cocotte
English muffins and poached eggs Menu at Coco & Co
Coco & Co Coco & Co

The downstairs has the reception counter and kitchen. Standing room for one at the reception counter and standing room for two in the kitchen. In the upstairs restaurant space, the servers keep their head slightly lowered to avoid touching the ceiling.  Chicken and egg paraphernalia decorates the space, whimsical for a bustling city. From the window, a child can walk out on the small rooftop that has been turned into a field of flowers.

Now the food. What can really go wrong with nearly fried english muffins with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and seasonal mushoom compote? Nothing. Cocotte, is the house speciality. Cocotte is a container in which individual size portions are baked and served. In France, individual size means something with a 3 inch diameter, 2 inches deep. At Coco & Co, it is combination of eggs, crème fraiche, ham and fine herbs. Cocotte also means a chicken and prostitute. Perhaps the eggs are laid by chicken who live in the backyard of a prostitute. Jambon is Paris’ favorite wet-cured ‘am. The first few times you don’t know what the heck is your server trying to say. And then it starts sounding cute. Our server’s accent reminded me of a dear friend of mine. Perhaps the server also hailed from Brittany. He was prompt and very friendly but even if he were not, I could not have taken offence. A few bits of ‘am in the eggs make the eggs go all friendly and familiar even in a cocotte. And yes, a dozen salad leaves with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

All of that in 200 sq ft of space in St. Germain, Paris.

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September 30, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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