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I must be going native

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Sharmilas daughter

Sharmila's daughter

I ate a huge amount of biryani for lunch today. Till yesterday I was amazed at locals vacuuming up piles of rice for meals. Not any more.

I also noticed that I no longer hesitate at the curb when crossing a busy road. Like others trying to do the same, I assume that I have a reasonable stock of good karma and stare down auto-wallahs while standing in the middle of the road with vehicles whizzing by in front and back. So far I am alive with all my limbs intact, so my karma is holding, although I would not know if it were running out. Come to think of it, it is a poor user interface not to make the user aware of remaining karma. So true that God only thinks he is Steve Jobs.

I am using sms abbreviations like pls and thx. Oh dear. My only solace is I still shrink from gr8 and lol.

Don’t know why this photo is interesting, but it is. Incidentally, the woman in the photo in the photo is Sharmila Tagore’s daughter.

Written by Sachin

January 15, 2007 at 7:14 pm

Posted in Delhi, India

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